Monday, March 29, 2010

another monday.

Hola! For a Monday, I must say, today was not too bad! It helps when work is busy. In fact, the whole day was kind of busy. Anyhoo.

Let’s get straight to breakfast:

Blueberry! Oats!


This is what it looks like when I actually go to eat it: all stirred up and delicious! :) This mix just had brown sugar, cinnamon, cottage cheese and blueberries. So good, so good.

Lunch was a simple wrap:


You can’t really see it but this guy had tofu, avocado, spring mix and tomato. I was out of hummus (my usual wrap spread of choice!) so instead I went with … cashew butter! It was pretty good. It gave the wrap a heaviness or heartiness or something that I’m not quite used to, but it was pretty good. Will definitely experiment with this idea a bit more.

After lunch I enjoyed an orange.


And satisfied my mid-afternoon sweet tooth with a Dark Chocolate Pomegranate VitaBrownie and a coffee.


After work I had to go pick up an air mattress from my friend Chris (thanks Chris!) so I decided the best way to get to his place would be … to run! So I ran the 1.5 miles there. It actually turned into a nice speed workout because I literally hit EVERY light on the way down, which meant I would run a block quite fast and then stop for a minute. So that actually kinda worked out well.

Picked up some groceries from the giant grocery store near his place and then took a cab home. Was FAMISHED when I got in so I whipped this up and it was sooooo good.


I’m terrible at making omelettes so let’s just call this “Scrambled Eggs With Stuff In It.” I had some leftover potato from Saturday’s baked egg and potato breakfast (I saved the tops of the potatoes and the scooped out stuff from the middle). So I tossed that in a pan with some mushrooms, asparagus, tomato and garlic. When it was all cooked I tossed in two eggs, scrambled it all up, and topped with a little feta. SO GOOD. And veggie-tastic!

Ok, c’est tout. Tomorrow is my weigh-in so fingers crossed for me!