Monday, March 22, 2010

surprise! it’s food!

Ok. So. Here’s the deal. I’ve decided to do another week of food blogging, maybe more. I actually really enjoyed it last time I was doing it, but I was hesitant to do it any longer, for fear of isolating my current readers. But lately I haven’t been blogging much of anything, so I figure, I might as well blog what I want. AmIright? Not sure how long or how consistent this will be, but for now, I think I like doing it.

So here we go. The theme of today’s pictures appears to be PURPLE. Honestly I didn’t realize this at the time, just when I went to post them now I realized how much PURPLE there was. Oh well!

So anyway!



Blueberry oats! Oats cooked with water, cinnamon and brown sugar. Topped with cottage cheese and blueberries. I think I could live on this.

Lunch was some leftover chicken curry that I made last night (chicken, with greek yogurt and cashew butter. YUM.) On a bed of baby spinach and with a whole chopped tomato.


On the side I had a 1-PT vitatop corn muffin that my coworker shared with me. Corn muffins don’t really go with curry, I learned, but it was tasty enough for me.




A little while later I snacked on an orange. I love oranges!!!


Around 3pm, I got the urge for coffee, so I went and got one. With it I had a Kashi raspberry chocolate granola bar. I find these ‘just ok’. I like the pumpkin spice ones though!

mar22-6 mar22-7
You can see how much I enjoyed this. :) (My coworker was laughing at me for taking pictures, so I made her take one of me, so she could be 'wacky' too. Ha ha!)

Dinner involved one of my favourite ‘easy protein’ sources: smoked tofu! This stuff is amazing in wraps. The texture makes it taste kinda like smoked gouda. Yum! This whole package is only 6-PTS, so I usually divide it in three.


I made a wrap on a whole wheat pita. With roasted red pepper hummus, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, and the beloved tofu. I love you, tofu!


It didn’t look too exciting rolled up, but it was still delicious!


My last treat of the day was a golden delicious apple. Which was, shockingly, delicious!


Good day for me! Tomorrow is my weigh-in, so I’m always careful to avoid too much sodium or other crap on Mondays. :) I’ll be back tomorrow with more food, and my weigh-in results. For now, I’m off to watch a couple episodes of Fringe with my boyfriend. :)