Monday, April 26, 2010

Clean Eating Challenge – Day 1

Okay, I’m back with a report on Day 1! (If you missed my first post, you can read it here. I’ll be spending the next two weeks eating from Clean Eating’s 2-week plan to shake up my routine.)

So today went pretty well!

Started out with a bowl of cereal – it was so weird not to have my usual oatmeal, but to my surprise, this was equally filling.


1 c. Kashi Go Lean cereal
1 sliced banana
1/2 cup low-fat milk, or in my case, low-fat Greek yogurt (Yes, funnily enough I woke up this morning only to realize we were out of milk and I had to make my first substitution. Oops! The yogurt worked out fine though.)

For a morning snack I had 22 raw unsalted almonds. I usually buy roasted almonds so these were a nice little change. I was surprised by how creamy they were.



Lunch called for a black bean burger and a whole wheat bun, but that was a little vague! There was no recipe or anything for the burger, so I guess they meant some frozen kind? Anyway, I couldn’t find anything comparable that I could take to work, so I grabbed a Yves veggie burger. In retrospect, this was not the ‘cleanest’ choice, since they have a lot of weirdo unpronouncable ingredients.



For my bun I chose a whole wheat sandwich thin. This burger also had a slice of light provolone, some tomato, and lettuce. Twas good. Nothing extraordinary though.

For dessert I had a tasty orange.


For my mid afternoon snack I had a mini-babybel, and 2 lavash crackers. Ok, the plan called for a low-fat string cheese and 2 rye crisps. But a) I didn’t want to buy a whole bag of string cheese when I already had these little guys, and b) what the hell is a rye crisp? Is it like a wasa cracker? In any case, I couldn’t find anything like that so I figured these were a good substitution. No weird ingredients, just grainy goodness.



Now onto dinner – which was AMAZING!


Salmon and artichoke quesadilla! DAMNNNNN this was good. And the funny thing is, it’s totally not a recipe I would have bothered trying otherwise. Artichokes are not something I really think about and I rarely cook with fish at home (Shaun hates it), so I probably would have just glanced at this recipe and flipped the page. I’m so glad I made it though– I could see this becoming a staple.

I actually made a few small changes to the recipe, mostly due to laziness. :) It ended up being super easy. I used:

  • 1 can of salmon
  • 4 artichoke hearts (from a can, packed in water)
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 1/2 a tomato, chopped
  • 1 c. spinach, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp dried dill
  • 1 wedge Herb & Garlic Laughing Cow Cheese

I just cooked everything except the cheese in a pan until it was heated through. Then I heated up the tortillas, spread on a Laughing Cow cheese triangle and dumped half the fish/veggie mixture on top. Covered with the second tortilla, cooked a few more minutes, and voila.

According to the plan I was supposed to have it with a bit of salsa and greek yogurt but I was too excited and totally forgot. Oops!

Dessert was a cup of chopped canteloupe. I topped it with the forgotten yogurt from dinner (skipped the salsa though!)


So that was my first day! I can honestly say I did not have a single moment of hunger today and I totally enjoyed everything I ate.  I tracked my calories on MyFitnessPal and even with my substitutions, my calories were pretty much exactly on track with what they’d laid out (I think I was about 50 calories over and that was basically only because I also had a coffee with milk that was not included.)

So far so good!