Monday, June 21, 2010

Clean Eating Challenge V2 – Day 1

Happy Longest Day Of The Year! Isn’t it a smidge depressing that from here on in, the days just start getting shorter?

Let’s get right to it because it’s getting late and it’s been a long day.

First of all, can I just say: the thing that sucks about this whole healthy living thing is that GOD DAMN you have to lug a lot of stuff around with you!

I walk to and from work, and this is what I found myself carrying today:Jun21-3

Yoga bag, lunch bag, shopping bag with something for my coworker, and giant purse. PLUS I was juggling my coffee, and at various points my sunglasses, work pass and iPhone. I felt like I needed a pack mule or something! :D


Breakfast this morning was a cup of greek yogurt, with half cup of blueberries. I threw in some blackberries too, because I was short on the blue.


Accompanied by a Kashi granola bar. Random but a perfectly good and filling breakfast. And nice and easy to start off a Monday.


I flipped the morning and afternoon snacks, so I had some watermelon in the a.m.


Lunch was a roast turkey sandwich on sprouted grain bread, with spinach and tomato. I was supposed to have coleslaw too, but I totally forgot about it.


Dessert was a peach. It was peachy. :)


Snack was two Ryvita crackers with hummus. This was super good hummus, it had big chunks of olives in it. Yummm. Will have to check the name tomorrow at work.


After work I went to a yoga class, which felt GREAT. I haven’t been in ages. But it also meant I didn’t get home until after 8pm, at which point I still had to make dinner. Luckily tonight wasn’t too complicated, especially not with my improvisations. ;)


Oooooh lordy this was good. I swear, I have never made a recipe out of Clean Eating that wasn’t REALLY good, and this soup was no exception. Ginger Pea soup out of this month’s issue. Make it. Love it.

On the side was supposed to be tilapia, with sauteed mushroom and onion, and a cup of wild rice. I decided to skip the fish and opted for tofu instead, which I simply sauteed with the veggies. I added the brown rice and cooked it up with a bit of soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, so the flavours matched nicely with the soup.

Fabulous dinner. Remind me why I have been eating CRAP for the past two weeks, when real food is SO GOOD?!

Anyway! It’s 11pm, but I’m hard at work on prepping tomorrow’s dinner, since I have class tomorrow and won’t be home until late. Here’s a little preview to whet your appetite!


Until tomorrow, my friends! :)


(What is the Clean Eating Challenge? Read more, or check out the last one!)