Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clean Eating Challenge V2 – Day 3

WOW. What a day. As I’m sure many of you have heard, today we experienced an earthquake in central Canada, including Toronto where I am. The quake originated in Quebec, and was felt in a few American states as well. It measured 5.1 on the Richter Scale.

It was luckily not serious, and I have not heard any reports of major destruction or injuries.

But here’s the thing: Toronto is almost in lock-down these days, as a result of upcoming G20 summit. Security is extremely heightened. And because I work for the government, our buildings are taking lots of precautions because we could, in theory, be a target.

During rush hour this morning, the subway station that’s connected to my office building  was shut down (along with that whole section of subway line) due to a bomb scare. It was a ‘suspicious package’ and of course it turned out to be nothing, but still. I gotta say: when my office building started to shake today, my first thought was that a bomb had gone off in the building or in the subway beneath us.

It was actually really, really scary.

I was actually RELIEVED when I saw on Twitter that others had experienced the same thing, and that it was ‘just’ an earthquake.

As much as I think all this G20 stuff is overkill, today reminded that Toronto is not immune. To attacks, to natural disasters, whatever. This city is not immune. No city is.


ANYWAY. Sorry to be a downer! Let’s get to some food pics to lighten the mood.


Breakfast a tasty Peach Coconut smoothie: a chopped-peach, 1/2 cup lite coconut milk, 1/2 cup regular milk, and a scoop of vanilla protein. I was only supposed to have a cup of this, but oops, I drank the whole thing!

I mean, really, who only drinks ONE CUP of a smoothie?!




With it I had this Kashi granola bar.




Lunch was some leftover Peach Walnut Barley salad, mixed with chick peas and dumped on a bed of spinach.




Along with a cup of leftover Ginger Pea Soup. Ha ha! This picture just screams Toxic Avenger, doesn’t it?




I actually skipped both my snacks today, because the meals were so filling.

Dinner tonight was a butterflied pork chop, a baked sweet potato, and a bunch of steamed spinach. After this photo was taken, I doused the whole plate with barbecue sauce. It’s betta with bbq.




So… did you feel today’s earthquake?  Have you ever experienced one before? This is actually my second one – I remember a smaller one when I was a kid in New Brunswick.