Friday, June 25, 2010

Clean Eating Challenge V2 – Day 4

Guess what? Today is my FRIDAY! Yes, I have tomorrow off. Thank you, G20! Sure, you may be inconveniencing the whole city and costing billions of dollars – but I get the day off, so whatevs! ;)

I also finished up my class tonight, so I’m feeling extra free now. Three day weekend and no obligations. Now that. Is what I. Am talking about.

I’m actually a bit embarrassed to show you today’s food pics – it’s pretty lackluster.

Breakfast was supposed to be yogurt mixed with ricotta and blueberries. HOWEVER, since I didn’t eat one of yesterday’s snacks, I still had a container of yogurt mixed with cottage cheese and strawberries. Close enough, right? So I had that for breakfast. It was … ok.


I ended up throwing some Kashi cereal on it for some crunch. Then I skipped my morning snack – that seems to be a recurring theme. I just honestly don’t get hungry until lunch time.

Lunch today was a whole wheat tortilla with tomato, spinach, and a veggie burger. Was supposed to have some greek yogurt on it, but I didn’t have any so I substituted hummus. Worked for me!




Small confession: I actually had an (unpictured) Fibre One bar at my class tonight. I actually ran out of time at work to have my afternoon snack – I was so busy trying to wrap everything up in anticipation of my day off, so I didn’t end up getting to it.  Unfortunately I got to the point of being really hungry – and I had a big presentation to do tonight and didn’t want to be distracted, so I snacked on the granola bar I keep stashed in my purse.

Dinner was super simple, since I didn’t get home until 11pm. Baked potato, steamed zucchini, and some sliced tofu. This plate looks sooooo bland and boring, and it kinda was. But what can you do at 11pm?


Tomorrow should be a better day. Happy Friday!