Monday, November 22, 2010

one week in.

Guess what? Today marks one week I’ve been back on track!

So how did my first weigh in go?
Starting weight: 183.6
Current weight: 183.6

Ha! Not exactly the dramatic come-back I’d hoped for. But I’m actually not too bothered by this. I did have a few splurges this weekend, because we had one of Shaun’s friends staying with us, and that meant our house was filled with beer and pizza. I actually did pretty well, I think, and the important thing is it didn’t derail me. I don’t feel like today is another ‘fresh start’, I just feel like I’m still plugging along. And that feels nice.

A few other things:

I joined Weight Watchers online this week. I used to go to meetings, but then I quit last spring and started counting calories instead (using MyFitnessPal). That worked for awhile, but obviously not well enough, so I decided to go back to WW. (Plus the new plan is coming out in a couple of weeks and I wanted to be able to access that.) Have you ever used WW online before? I must say that as a tracking system, especially compared to sites like MyFitnessPal, it totally SUCKS. It is awkward and the food database is nowhere near as in-depth. That said, it’s been really interesting to think about points again and see how the tool calculates them – for instance, I have never used half-points before but the online program does. I have also gotten some happy surprises, like finding that although one beer is 3 pts, 4 beers is only 11 pts and not 12. (Hey, it’s the small things!)

I also went back to yoga. Yippeeee! Last week I got an email from a friend inviting me to go with her on the weekend. I emailed her back to say “DID YOU READ MY MIND?” And of course she replied with, “NO JUST YOUR BLOG”. Hahaha! Anyway, we went yesterday and it was great. I think I smiled through the entire class. Today my arms and shoulders are sore but I feel so happy. I LOVE YOGA. Why oh I why do I resist doing the things I love and know are good for me? That is a serious question. Why? We all do it, I think, and it is seriously MESSED UP.

I cooked a few things. Once I find the cord to my camera I’ll show you – pumpkin muffins, and a squash and cranberry soup! YUM.

I hope everyone has a great week! I'll have more updates and photos this week -- it feels good to be back, and thank you all for the warm welcome! :)