Monday, June 13, 2011

working on my fitness.

Forgive me, weight-loss buddies, for I have sinned. I have completely fallen off the workout bandwagon. And I miss it.

I haven’t been a total sloth. I still track my steps, and I know that I get about 10,000 on my very lightest days – just with going to and from work and walking the dog. Most days I average around 12-14,000, and it’s not uncommon for me to even hit 18,000. I thought that was enough, but I think I need to push myself more than that. I need the cardio and the muscle work that comes from actual, intentional exercise.

The thing is, I’m really struggling to figure out what fits into my schedule. I don’t know how people with kids do it. I just have a DOG and it seems to now eat up all my time.

I need to keep reminding myself that no option is going to be perfect. I just need to do something – ANYTHING. I’m thinking that my best options at the moment might be stuff I can do at home, or on my own time – 30 Day Shred or other DVDs, Couch To 5K or a similar running program, or something like that. I also think I could squeeze in a yoga class on the weekend.

Yet for some reason, I put off starting.

I downloaded a Couch To 5K app onto my phone WEEKS ago, but have yet to use it. My most recent excuse is that I don’t have the right pants to run in. My pants all fall down when I run, for some reason. (No, it’s definitely not because they’re too big. Sadly! I just seem to only be able to wear workout pants with a drawstring waist, which I don’t currently own.)

Isn’t that lame? I am rolling my eyes at MYSELF right now.

So I guess the reason I’m writing all this is to say: I intend to get back to working out. In fact, consider this a promise. I WILL work out this week. And I WILL come back to tell you about it.

Is anyone else interested in starting a running plan? Or other home-workout commitment? Maybe we could do some kind of summer challenge.