Monday, August 3, 2009

another progress picture!

Since I was so happy with my measurements from bootcamp, I decided to take another picture, to see if I could really see any difference. I totally do!

Check it out, the first picture is from 16 weeks ago when I started boot camp, and the second picture is from this weekend. There's a difference of 21 lbs and 25 inches in there!

and side view:

I really see it from the front, and what really gets me is my FACE. I never thought of myself as someone who had a fat face. I knew I was starting to get the double chins, but I thought most of my face was 'normal' sized. So seeing this picture kind of blew my mind -- I've totally lost weight from my face. Even my eyes seem to have more definition now, I guess because there's less fat around them? I'm not wearing in makeup in either of these pictures, so it wouldn't be related to that.

Anyway, I'm pretty psyched! You can check out my page of progress pictures if you want to see the story from the beginning.